The Olympic games of 2022 have begun, First Olympic champions have been crowned!

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On the 4th of February at 18:30 British time, the ceremony had begun, with 84 countries participating in the Olympic games. It would prove to be a great start to the 2022 Olympics. As a result of the COVID regulations, no members of the public will be allowed at any event. However, that should not take away the joy and pride of fulfilling the athlete’s dreams to become Olympic Champion. The start of the Olympic games showed happiness but also frustration to many for many athletes.

It was an excellent start for the Dutch Olympic team. Irene Schouten won the 3000m speed skating in a time of 3:56.93 to snatch the gold medal away from her rival, the Italian Francesca Lollobrigida, who finished second. This was not a surprise because many commentators had already said that ” Schouten has been Impressive this season.” Irene Schouten’s coach Gillet Anema said that ‘Irene had worked incredibly hard in the build-up to these Olympic games and felt honoured that he was a witness of this race.’ Furthermore, history was made in the woman’s slopestyle, with Zoi Sadowski-Synnott becoming the first New Zealand athlete to win a gold medal at the Olympic games. She was only 20 years old, a fantastic achievement!

However, the start of the Olympic games was not a success for everyone. Two of the favourites were knocked out during the Short track team event. In the Quarter Final, South Korea was knocked out due to one of the skaters falling in the 2nd turn. This meant that China and Italy would advance to the Semi-Final. In the Semi-Final, The Netherlands competed. The Netherlands were the favourites, with the Multiple Olympic Champion Suzanne Schulting participating. However, in the same turn where the South Korean Athlete fell, Schulting could not control her balance and slid with high speed against the barrier. Schulting herself was disappointed and said, ‘ winning here would have been so lovely’ This was a substantial disappointment for the Dutch team because they were seen as guaranteed competitors for the Gold Medal. The Short Coach said to the Dutch news program, NOS, “I am not laconic, but falls are part of it.” China took the gold medal with Italy in second, and Hungary claimed the bronze after disqualification from Canada.

On day 2, Nils van der Poel managed to snatch away the gold medal from Patrick Roest in the speed skating 5000m. Nils van der Poel was the Top favourite, national, European and world champion on the 5000m. Nils van der Poel was only 0.47 of a second faster, but it was enough to be crowned Olympic Champion with a 6:08.84, setting a new Olympic record. Can Nils van der Poel also win the 10000m and become a double Olympic Champion? Only time will tell.