About Us

Berkeley Squares is an independent student newspaper written, produced and edited by sixth form volunteers at Queen Elizabeth’s Hospital School.

Since our founding in 2015 we have grown to a team of dedicated contributors, editors and technical members. Whilst the majority of our audience is Bristol-based, the newspaper deals with regional, national and international issues that aim to voice a healthy spectrum of political and social opinion.

Please feel free to contact us with any queries or feedback.


We strongly believe that journalism should be completely transparent, so you know where your news is coming from.

Our minimal running costs – domain registration – are covered by Queen Elizabeth’s Hospital. Everyone who works on the site is a volunteer and receives no compensation.

The school does not direct which stories we cover, and does not in any way endorse the opinions we express. A member of school teaching staff is in one stage of our editorial review process, in a copy-editing capacity.

All articles are approved before publication by the school’s marketing department to check for legal compliance, such as with copyright and libel legislation. Our content management system does not allow them to edit articles at this stage, only to approve them or return them to their author for re-drafting. They have the ability to edit and take down articles post publication, and to take down the site itself. They have requested modifications a total of 3 times, the last of which was during February 2018.

Editorial Team

Jonathan Taylor

Chief Editor and Director of Journalism

Jonny has an eclectic range of interests but nothing will displace History as the greatest among them, even if Welsh rugby may be his greatest passion.

David Evans

David Evans


Berkeley Squares' answer to Tintin. Except he's shorter. And doesn't have a dog.

Noah Gassas


Cameron Pimblett

Deputy Content Director

Tom Perry

Sport Section Editor

Louis Smith

Content Director

Caity Emery

Business and Economics Section Editor

Hector Newton

Sport Section Editor

Oliver Pitt

Director and Digital Media Manager

With a head for marketing and a creative flair demonstrated through his passion for photography, Ollie is an enthusiastic and committed member of the Berkeley Squares team, who, as Director and Digital Media Manager, will do everything to support the team.

Patrick O'Regan

Politics Section Editor

Eddie Thraves

Science and Technology Section Editor

David Baker

Political Section Editor

Zac Lloyd

Culture Section Editor

Bo Wang

Science & Technology Section Editor

Alex Wilson

Health Section Editor


Technical Team

Peter Hyland

Technical Officer

Thomas Carpendale

Technical Director

Jason Phillips

Jason Phillips

Technical Director

Jay Parker

Technical Officer

Harry Walker

Technical Officer

Prior Members

2019 Leavers

Peter Savery Co-Editor
Barnaby Johns Co-Editor
Angus Bucknell Technical Director
Tom Conradi Chief Sub-Editor
Jamie Hall Culture Editor
Yuchao Fan Science & Technology Editor
Miles Thomas Medical Section Editor
Luke Bennett Joint Political Editor
Matthew Fackrell Joint Political Editor
Samuel Perry Joint Sports Editor
Ciera Parsons Joint Sports Editor
Mark Sainsbury Contributor

Harold CannonTechnical Officer

James FosterTechnical and Audio Officer

2018 Leavers

Jack Collard Co-Editor
Chris Hyland Co-Editor and Technical Director
Toby Speirs Chief Sub-Editor and Science & Technology Editor
Harry King Culture Editor
Matthew Munday Joint Political Editor
Edward Píška Joint Political Editor
Tom Hague Sports Editor
James Palmer Film Critic
Louis Harris Contributor
Xianru (Albert) Li Contributor
Joel Sodzi Contributor
James Smithson Contributor
Alex Takemura-James Contributor

Rory NevilleTechnical Officer

Ben SaltTechnical Officer

2017 Leavers

Andreas Richardson Technical Director
James Patrick Wearmouth Business and Political Editor
Rishil Adodra Contributor
Frank Dickens Contributor
Tom Scrivens Contributor

2016 Leavers

Iain Walker Political Editor
Finn Conway Contributor
Florian Howe Contributor
Ned McDougall Contributor
Kieran Small Contributor
Maximilian Yuen Food Critic