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Rohingya plight

Almost six weeks since the mass exodus of the Rohingya minority in Myanmar (formerly Burma) began, the United Nations say the total number of refugees in Bangladesh has now risen above 501,000. And still this figure rises.

Kiruna: Relocating a city

With the EU’s largest iron ore mine set on expanding further, residential areas in the municipality of Gällivare in Sweden have been forced to uproot and move outwards, despite an uncertain future for the mining industry.

Bristol for Europe: Indispensable or irresponsible?

Flags waving, banners held high; were it not for megaphones and high-vis jackets you would be forgiven for thinking you had entered the set of Les Mis. However, this “#StopBrexit rally” in Bristol was not a call of revolution, but a protest against the “misrepresentation” of the will of the people.