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The irritable necessity of muckraking journalism

The free press can often overstep their boundaries to needlessly investigate people’s lives, with the News of the World embodying everything that is distasteful and dangerous about a truly unaccountable press. Despite the consequences of that liberty though, David Evans argues that the press should be protected, warts and all.

Has the usefulness of the Phillips curve come to an end?

The Phillips curve’s assertion of a causal relation between economic growth, inflation and unemployment has been used as a navigation tool buy policy makers for decades. However, Ben Goree argues that less attention should be paid to a model which has become outdated since the rise of globalisation, despite the opportunities it offers for politicians with re-election bids.

Heathcote – 100 Days On

For our first video of the academic year, the Berkeley Squares Bite is returning with our much anticipated interview with Mr Heathcote, the new Headmaster of QEH, celebrating his first 100 days at the school. Mr Heathcote’s first term has been an unusual one to

 The Economy vs Public Health: Can a balance be achieved? 

Following the news from the Office for National Statistics that the UK’s economy shrank by 20.4% in the first full month of lockdown, April, the government has announced that bars, restaurants and theatres can reopen with some form of social distancing. However, some scientists, including Sir

When Berkeley Met… Martin Bright

Recently, we had the privilege of talking with Martin Bright, who was portrayed by Matt Smith in the film ‘Official Secrets’ in 2019. In the interview, we discuss his role in publicising the 2003 Katherine Gun scandal, contemporary journalism as well as populism.

The storm forming around China’s tech sector

China’s technology sector is growing so rapidly that it is pushing the United States out of its long-held position at the top of the digital food chain. At the forefront of this booming industry are companies such as Huawei, WeChat and Tencent, which have helped

Why Women need Economics… and why Economics needs Women

Around this time last year, I decided I wanted to do Economics at University. During my research into which University I should go to; I watched a lot of YouTube videos. This was when I noticed something: when I searched “Economics at Uni” into YouTube,