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The storm forming around China’s tech sector

China’s technology sector is growing so rapidly that it is pushing the United States out of its long-held position at the top of the digital food chain. At the forefront of this booming industry are companies such as Huawei, WeChat and Tencent, which have helped

Why Women need Economics… and why Economics needs Women

Around this time last year, I decided I wanted to do Economics at University. During my research into which University I should go to; I watched a lot of YouTube videos. This was when I noticed something: when I searched “Economics at Uni” into YouTube,

Donald Trump speaking at CPAC 2011 in Washington, D.C.

Trump tackles taxes

President Trump’s new proposal for tax reform is set to implement big tax cuts for individuals. However, this proposal contains less detail than the original plan put forward by the Trump campaign.

Businessman figurine in ftont of a pile of cash and a calculator

Fancy a Flutter?

Recent volatility in the Stock Exchange has prompted Our Correspondent to dust down his portfolio and to consider how it’s all supposed to work.