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Review: Table 19

Not wishing to look lonely attending Beauty and the Beast by himself, our film correspondent turns instead to a lesser known film. Is it a hidden gem? Or hidden for a good reason? James finds out…

Review: Logan

The first superhero film of 2017: is it going to be a return to articles as similar to each other as the films are? Only James Palmer knows.

Review: La La Land

It has been awarded a plethora of five-star ratings, but is it worth the hype? James Palmer checks it out.

Review: Silence

While his films have dipped in quality in the 21st Century, does Scorsese still have the capacity to craft a masterpiece? Palmer is on the case.

Review: Moana

Not only a film targeted at children, but a musical as well? Will Moana be able to melt our film correspondent’s cold heart?

Review: Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

James was defiant in his position on The Force Awakens, but it still reaped more in profits than he is likely to earn in his lifetime. Does the latest Star Wars film ease tensions between James and the franchise?

Review: Arrival

The arrival of the review for Arrival is here. I hope you enjoyed reading that pun as much as I enjoyed writing it.