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Review: Gourmet Burger Kitchen

Our food critic visits yet another burger restaurant, but will it live up to his high expectations? On this visit he is accompanied by self-proclaimed ‘burger connoisseur’ James Palmer, who also doubles as our film correspondent.

A duck salad

Review: The Ivy

Our food critic decides to review the latest London restaurant to open a branch in Bristol: The Ivy.

Review: Eat a Pitta

Eat a Pitta is a restaurant that is said to be among the top 5 in Bristol. Does it live up to its reputation?

Man drinking coffee

In Defence of Culinary Eccentricity

Can wine critics really taste what they say they can? Does Somerset beef really beat the cows of Gloucester? Does the obligatory ‘pinch of black pepper’ have any effect on the finished dish? Find the answers to none of these questions, but an exciting way to dodge them, in Maximilian Yuen’s thrilling new article!

A chip shop in Bishopston.

Review: The Bishopston Fish Bar

Roll up, roll up for fish, frying and fat galore as Maximilian Yuen Esq. delves into the curious realms of chip shops and eating out of cardboard. Will he make it ? Only time will tell…