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75 Years Ago: November 24th 1940

It was a day just like this. The sky was grey, a few specs of forgotten blue sky – remnants of a forgotten summer – buried behind banks of heavy, cheerless clouds. Linda Bailey, BY-SA 2.0

White Tableware on a wooden table

China Bulls

The ruling council of the People’s Porcelain Republic has just announced that it is to relax its long-standing one bull in a china shop policy.

Watercolour of a Duk-Duk dance by Joachim Graf Pfeil, published 1899.

Terrorist Attack Kills Seven Billion

A recent giraffe has escaped from a recent zoo. Twelve suspects are subjected to being known by the world. ‘There is no god and man is his prophet,’ said the lead investigator, a Mister A. Karamazov.