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The other elections

Berkeley Squares has all you need to know about elections to the Bristol City Council and of the Avon and Somerset Police and Crime Commissioner.

Bristol mayoral election 2016: all you need to know

Berkeley Squares has all the essential information about this Thursday’s mayoral election. We have explained the voting system used to elect the mayor, we have profiled all of the candidates for you, and we have analysed the race in general to try to figure out who will win.

Politics review #5

Your essential guide to local politics (and more). Inside this special edition: a child is born; a peasants’ revolt; a diplomatic row; a WORLD EXCLUSIVE on Christianity and politics; and five referendums (can you spot them all?). Also: a quiz question!

Politics review #4

Our political editor brings you all the local politics you’ll ever need — and more! Inside this edition, find out: Who is Larry the Lion? Who is Sue? (again) Who has been following the money? Who will speak for Bristol?

Politics review #3

It’s 2016 and politics in Bristol is as exciting as it’s ever been. Find out more inside our political editor’s first briefing of the year!