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Curry Nights With Corbyn

The New Politics arrives in Bristol as Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn attends a fundraising dinner for Marvin Rees’s Mayoral campaign.

Sue Who?

Many Bristolians are by now aware that next year will present a sterling opportunity to vote out George Ferguson

Corbyn takes on ISIS

As you are no doubt aware Jeremy Corbyn has made recent comments relating to the fight against ISIS which have gained much media attention. Rwendland, CC BY-SA 4.0

The BUP protesters by the back entrance to the Marriott hotel.

Sound and Fury

The melting pot erupts as protestors take to the streets. Your Political Editor reports.

A lone tree in a field with low fog

Bristol’s £37k Silent Tree

As part of our glorious reign as European Green Capital 2015 (a marvellous award invented by politicians to pat each other on the back), Bristol City Council has sweetly paid £37,000 of Bristolians’ money to record a tree dropping its nuts for an art installation.