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Need for Speed: Coronavirus

With the unemployment rate hitting peaks from the past three years and education being hindered for young people across the UK, it is evident that we must have a vaccine as soon as possible. The challenge in all of this, though, is the urgency.

Daniel C. Esty: 40 Big Ideas for a Sustainable Future

Amidst the deluge of tragic news stemming from the current coronavirus crisis, one slightly more encouraging narrative has been the decrease in greenhouse gas emissions. However, unless emissions are reduced yet further, it is likely we will still miss the target of avoiding a one

When Greta Thunberg Came to Town: School Strike 4 Climate

Video by Ollie Pitt Chaos. Trampling. Injuries. This is what was feared by the emergency services as thousands descended on College Green to watch Greta Thunberg speak in a hastily arranged Bristol Youth Strike 4 Climate event. Luckily, this did not occur, although that is

When Berkeley Met… Colin

Recently, Berkeley Squares has had the privilege of chatting to astronomer, author and keynote speaker, Colin Stuart. In this When Berkeley Meets…, we cover numerous topics ranging from his start in astronomy and his likelihood of making it to space, to his predictions for the

Micro plastic, macro effect

The microplastic threat has recently gained a higher profile due to media coverage and environmental campaigns. However, the effects on humans are largely unknown, and possibly significant.