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Is the NHS contact tracing app stealing your data?

People across the globe have had their freedoms infringed upon for the sake of staving off the coronavirus, but does this extend to our online personas too? Jason Phillips looks at how our data is managed by the NHS Track and Trace app to deliver a verdict.

FIFA 20: one month in…

FIFA 20 has been out for a month and I now feel that I have played enough to write a review. Few games stir such powerful feeling as FIFA. Few can match the soaring highs and crushing lows felt as you navigate your way through

Is Alexa spying on you?

Is Alexa as innocent as we believe she is? More worryingly, are our conversations stored and accessed by the government?

Explaining net neutrality

Jonathan Gregory explores the effect that ending net neutrality might have on us, the consumers. But it is not as black and white as you might think…